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Somalie Inez was born and raised in Washington, D.C. She is a passionate and highly energetic content creator that inspires, encourages, and changes lives. With many years of experience working in the entertainment world, this mother of three has helped produce and collaborate on a number of projects involved with music, television, film, and public speaking. 

As a teen, Inez started following the same path as her uncle Maxx Kidd (the owner of T.T.E.D. Records) working with RCA and Capital Records. There, she grew as a manager, promoter, and booking agent. She later moved to New York City, and then ultimately Los Angeles in order to continue to expand her artistic path. Inez soon started her own production company called "Inez Productions," where she continues writing, producing, and acting - including voiceovers. 

Inez is most recently known as the author and producer of upcoming feature film "Maya,” a narrative, true-story piece around hardship, love, loss, and perseverance. Her mission is beautifully simple: to utilize her voice, spreading a message of compassion to help heal the heartbreak, trauma, and pain experienced by many. She has also written and produced a documentary series entitled "Tell Your Story," highlighting other, real-life challenges. To stay connected with Inez and her upcoming projects, follow her on social media. Somalie has also started a movement by inspiring young girls and women globally to find their voice through her story and movie, "MAYA".






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Somalie Inez

“Inspiring women to find their voice “ 
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